Submit a Pull Request (Easy Mode)


Simplified pull request flow


If you are new to git, see Git (Private)


  1. Install the github client >
  2. Add a repository
  • if you are adding a repository that you already cloned, choose add the existing repository in the UI >
  • if you are cloning a new repository, select clone repository
  • NOTE: the Dendron team workspace is a composite of multiple repositories. you want to add each one individually

Submit a pull request

Video Example:

  1. Make changes in the repository
  2. Switch to the github app
  3. Create a new branch
  • select take your changes to new branch
  1. Commit the changes
  2. Publish changes
  3. Create a pull request
  4. Add reviewers to your pull request
  5. IMPORTANT: While your pull request is in review, don't forget to switch back to the main branch to continue working (otherwise, none of your changes will be changed)
  6. If you get requests to make changes, switch branches by following Making changes to your pull request

Making changes to your pull request

  1. If you get updates on your pull request, switch back to your branch to make any necessary changes
    • if you were working on something in the main branch, run a workspace sync to save the changes
  2. Make changes and push to your branch
    • TIP: there's no need to create another pull request at this point

Merging changes from another branch



To make sure you're setup, submit a pull request to ext.github.repo.private (Private) with a new note [[user.{username}.hello]] and add @kevin (Private) as a PR reviewer


  • create a new branch
  • commit changes to new branch
  • publish branch
  • submit pull request
  • add reviewers to your pull request
  • switch back to the main branch