Daily Journal


Daily journals are how we do standup. Instead of doing a synchronous daily meeting, we communicate via asynchronous journal notes.


Daily journals let us keep everyone up to date without generating unecessary noise. The information for what everyone is working on is systematically structured for every individual, free for anyone to check up or check in with.

The Discussion section lets team members raise blockers or issues that won't get lost in a chat session. Managers (or team mates) can then respond, usually in an discord thread which the whole team can chime in on (if needed).


  1. At the end of the workday, create a daily journal note for the next day user.{username}.journal.{date} using the standup template
    • at this time, also close of and update all tasks that you have worked on for the current day
    • NOTE: for the weekend, make sure that the journal note for Monday is ready on Friday
    • TIP: to better create daily journal notes, pin the current day in your window and create the next day by using lookup from the current day and updating the last value