Daily Journal Note

This is how we do standups at Dendron

  • Read over the sop (standard operating procedure) on Daily Journal
  • Open your daily journal note for today. It should be in the format of user.{{ALIAS}}.{{date}}. Your manager should have created this one for you. You're responsible for maintaining your own journals for future dates. You can read more about the format here
    • NOTE: to create a daily journal, we recommend pinning (Private) your current daily journal and then using lookup to update the day component at the end of the day to create the daily journal for the next day

If you are working hourly, please include two additional frontmatter fields that track the hours you've worked. It should look something like this:

id: c6b422a5-204a-41dd-8e47-f0b736160790
title: Daily note
desc: ""
updated: 1622543447981
created: 1620248731246
hoursToday: 8
hoursMonth: 48


  • Register on Discord by following this invitation link. Read the next suggestions on how to choose a username first.
    • You can use your personal discord OR choose to create a new username using your Dendron email. It's generally helpful to choose a username to be the same as your Github handle, for consistency and ease of use.
  • Make sure your Discord profile has a photo - it makes it easier for other team members to remember you!
  • If you're new to Discord, a short primer can be found at a Beginner's guide to Discord.
  • Make sure you have access to the #dendron-team channel and post an intro.
    1. We love to hear more, such as where you were before, family/pets, and hobbies.
    2. We also enjoy pictures if you're willing to share. Consider giving your new team members a glimpse into your world (scroll through previous messages in the channel for inspiration).
  • Read Discord Etiquette

Initial Tasks

If at any point you find yourself stuck, don't hesitate to leave a question in the #dendron-team channel.


  1. Dendron values are a living document. Familiarize yourself with our values
  2. We are driven by our mission - to help people organize and make sense of any amount of information. Read our mission statement
  3. Read over our Key Principles which represent our operating system for making decisions and doing tasks.


  1. Read how to setup your local development environment (Private)
  2. Read our developer process (Private) to

Job-specific tasks