This goes over how we format todo notes at Dendron.


  • high: something that should be completed today
  • mid: something that can be postponed
  • new: something that came up and needs to be prioritized


This is added to the end of a todo.

  • a: assigned
  • w: work in rpgoress
  • n: move to next day (usually combined with make progress status)
  • x: done
  • d: dropped
  • .: made progress
  • y: pending deployment or verification
  • b: blocked
  • m: moved
  • l: delegated to someone else


- [x] foo task <!-- finished task -->
- [d] foo task <!-- not doing task, no longer relevant -->
- [.n] foo task <!-- got to task but not done, moving to tomorrow. note that statuses can be stacked -->
- [m] foo task <!-- did not get to task, moving to backlog -->