Issues in Airtable


Note: This workflow is in flux and is subject to change

This example demonstrates how to setup an Export Pod V2 to Airtable for Dendron Tasks

Create a new Airtable Connection

No note with name s.airtable.sop.connect-to-airtable found in cache during parsing.

Run the Pod to Export a Task to Airtable

  1. Open a task note that you want to export to airtable. An example task note is task.pod.podsv2-support-export-hierarchy (Private)
  2. Run Dendron: Export Pod V2 while your task note is in focus.
  3. Select dendron.tasks
  4. Check the task view here in our Airtable here to see if the task was successfully added.
  5. If it's not added, then check out common errors below


  • You get an error like the following:

    "Error while running Airtable Export Pod: {\"error\":\"INVALID_MULTIPLE_CHOICE_OPTIONS\",\"message\":\"Insufficient permissions to create new select option \\\"\\\"NON-REPRO\\\"\\\"\",\"statusCode\":422}"

    Some fields in Airtable are like enums - if you try to upload a value that's not in the enum set, then you'll get this error. Scope, Size, and Status are enum fields. Scope must match a value in tags.scope (Private). When in doubt, check what values are allowed in airtable.