Project Management


This goes over how to work with Projects (Private)


        "key": "cmd+k p",
        "command": "dendron.exportPodv2",
        "args": "dendron.projects"


Create a new project

  1. Create a new project using the following hierarchy: proj.{year}.{month}-{title}
  2. This will automatically apply the Project (Private) template
  3. When ready, upload the project by running export pod with the dendron.projects preset
  4. Also add the project to 2022 (Private) (NOTE: we'll update the link here on a yearly basis)

Update a project

  1. Inside a project, run export pod with the project preset to update a project
  2. You can view your updated project in airtable (Private)

Add a task inside a project

  1. Add a link to the tag inside the given project
    • NOTE: the task itself must have an airtable record id (aka already be uploaded to airtable)
  2. Export the project



An example project: Setup Dendrologist Program (Private)