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How to track your tasks in Dendron



Create your own dashboard

See Create Your Own Task Dashboard (Private)

Working with tasks

  1. When creating a task, follow steps in Creating New Issues
  2. After the task has been created, update it as necessary by exporting to airtable when the status (Private) changes
  • NOTE: don't forget to export the task after updating the status

Adding a task as a crop

See more about CROP (Private)

Adding a task to the icebox

An icebox item is something we are not working on for +1 year (if ever)

Adding a task to the team backlog

If you have items in your backlog that you don't think you have time for, you can add it to the team backlog by removing yourself from the owner field.

This will move the task to the Team Backlog View (Private).

  • NOTE: if you're still interested in doing the task but don't have time to do it soon, set the due (Private) date to be 2 months from today and it will also show up in the backlog view to indicate that others are free to work on this

Cleaning up tasks after a sprint

  1. If the task has been completed, delete the sprint key from the note
  2. Go to airtable and delete the sprint key
  3. All tasks that are tagged (Private) should now be switched to (Private)
  • TIP: cleaning up is a bit cumbersome right now due to some missing functionality with tasks and exports. you can make it easier by doing the following
    1. make sure you have a keyboard shortcut set for export task, see Export Keyboardshortcut (Private)
    2. in your weekly journal, add a section called Tasks and c/p all your tasks there (eg. Tasks (Private))
    3. after the sprint is over, go in and update all your tasks release status
    4. go to the task pod config and comment out exportScope: pods/custom/config.dendron.tasks.yml (Private)
    5. select all the tasks you updated and use the keyboard shortcut to trigger export task
      • TODO: currently there is a bug where the export no longer shows up if you remove the scope
      • this will updated all selected tasks
    6. go to the sprint active sprint-active view on airtable and delete the sprint tag
      • TODO: we currently don't support deleting a single select
    7. uncomment the exportScope comment


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