This covers the references section of Standard Documentation in more detail.



For the purposes of this note, a ref is anything that fits under dendron.roebe comprehensivcef. Examples:

  • cli
  • config
  • commands
  • apis

Structure of References

  • there should be an individual note for each ref

  • refs should be children ot the corresponding topic branch topic

    • eg. [[dendron.topic.template.config]]
  • if a topic branch has subcomponents, then the ref should be the child of the closest matching subcomponent

  • the config that is the direct child of a topic branch should have the index of all configuration for subcompoents as well as the topic

    • eg. dendron.topic.sidebar.config

      ## Global
      <!-- This affects the topic directly (eg. sidebar configuration -->
      ### Foo
      ## Tree View
      <!-- This is the config for the tree view subcomponent. Should be a note ref-->
  • dendron.ref.config (Private) should contain the index of all configuration, grouped by topic

    - ...
    - [[dendron.topic.lookup.config]]
    - [[dendron.topic.sidebar.config]]
    - ...

Additional Thoughts

  • in an ideal world, we can define the ref in one place and programatically generate the configuration indexes elsewhere
    • in the above example, we would add a config once in dendron.topic.sidebar.tree-view.config.nav_order
    • dendron should be smart enough to then include it in dendron.topic.sidebar.config, dendron.topic.config, and dendron.ref.config as needed
    • because we don't have this today, we are manually adding it in
    • in the future, we should be able to embed these sections using 22 Queries (Private)

topic : Topic Branch