This goes over engineering onboarding. For onboarding, review the follow procedures.

Your first task

  • you should have already been assigned an initial first task when you joined the company
  • setup the dendron monorepo by following instructions here (Private)
  • go over our git workflow in starting work (Private)
  • get a sense of how all the subcomponents work by reading the overal architecture (Private)
  • get started on your task
    • schedule a pairing session (Private) with Kevin (Private) sometime in your first week
      • the pairing session can be used to go over any blockers or to simply work on your first task with an extra set of eyes to help

Development Process

  • you can find our style guide here (Private)
  • if your working on a feature, rebase from master after every monday release to minimize chances of merge conflicts
  • when testing code, we have a convention of adding "bond" to output values we want to debug - its easy to find in logs but please don't commit as it makes it harder to grep

Getting Help

See Getting help for development


  • instead of standup, we do daily journals
  • you can see an example of a daily journal here (Private) (you'll need to be in a dendron workspace to see this)
  • use the following template to create your own daily journal
    • you can create a more specific template for your needs at templates.standup.{username}
  • have your standup updates ready in user.{username}.journal.{date}
  • standup notes should be in before 8AM pacific time or 5pm of your local time of the current day (whichever comes first)

Code Review

  • we do code review using pull request
  • the expectation is that you have a pull request ready by the end of every week
    • pull requests need to be fully complete and can be submitted in draft form if notcomplete
    • having pull requests available helps with Iterate and having others weigh in while a feature is still being worked on