Discord Etiquette


Principles for better async communication over discord


favor most public channel

  • why: gives other folks a chance to participate in the discussion or chime in with their own ideas

  • Examples:

    • When you have a question with a dev issue, favor the public #dev channel over the private #dendron-team over pinging a single person directly

Over Communicate

  • why: being all remote, its easy to miss cues that are easy to pick out when working in the same office. this is why we want to be explicit in our acknowledgements and communication

  • Examples

    • When receiving a message that carries information (eg. FYI, production database is down), respond with an 👍 to acknowledge have read the message
    • When receiving a message that requests an action (eg. create an account on github so we can add you to the organization), respond with a message to acknowledge that its done