This is for anything that you want to bring up for standup

  • if you want feedback from a specific team member, @ mention their username in the discussion
  • users can respond to discussions by creating a scratch note and creating a link to the journal note
  • you should ping the individual in discord if you've responded to a discussion (don't forget to sync the workspace first)


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## Discussion
- swag item updates
- comments for [[]]

- swag item updates
> We are shipping everyone oak seeds


This is for things you want to do for the day. The format of this section is described here


This is for tasks that, like brushing your teeth, are meant to be done every day.

This is for you to customize. Depending on your role, this is different for everyone. We encourage you to create your own template at templates.standup.{user} and use that for your daily journals.

Some role specific routines


  • check for pull requests by others to review
  • check for pull requests by you to update