• we are an open source company, you get credit for your work
    • Working in the Open is one of our key principals which means that you get to reference the full details of your work anywhere you go
  • we are a remote first company which means you get to work where ever you can find an internet connection
    • we focus on written async communication to make this work - you'll probably have around 2h of synchronous meetings in any given week
  • we believe in being generous with equity and have a seven year excise window instead of the industry standard 90 days
    • you can read more about the benefits here and here
  • we have healthcare
    • US based workers will have access to company sponsored healthcare
    • international employees get up to $6k a year to purchase local health insurance
  • we let you use your own equipment
    • all team members get up to $5k to help setup their remote office
  • we are strong supporters of personal growth
    • we have a learning budget of $1500/person/year that can be applied to anything to help you grow and develop
  • we believe in team building
    • we do game nights (with a rotating list of games), remote meals and other virtual events to get together outside of the work context