How we communicate in an all remote, async first fashion

Best Practice

In General

  • If you are sending a message, unless sending during work hours, give people at least 12h to respond
  • If you are receiving a message during the work week, respond within 12h


We have 3 priorities for messages.

  • async
  • priority
  • sync


async messages are not urgent. the recipient has 12h durign work hours to respond. this is the default status of a message unless otherwise marked


priority messages are urgent. the recipient should try to respond within 1h of getting this message during work hours. add #prio after your message to indicate a priority message


sync messages are real time. we almost never use sync messages. add a #sync after your comment to indicate a sync message

@kevin the latest release needs to be rolled back because of a bug in lookup #sync

Synchronous messages should be reserved for when you need immediate feedback. Some examples of good use cases:

  • there's an issue with a feature that is blocking deployment
  • there's a critical bug that is actively degrading the Dendron experience
  • there's an issue that the current oncall needs to look at during their working hours