Pairing Sessions SOP


Pairing is a process where multiple people work together simultaneously on a single task. Dendron asks team members to pair on one task every week, with rotating pairing assignments that change very two weeks.


Pairing helps spread best practices and is also a structured way of fostering collaboration in an all remote team.


  1. Read over On Pair Programming to get an understanding of concepts and context for pairing


Before Pairing

  1. Make sure you have at least 1h 15min to dedicate to pairing
  2. Schedule a 1h pairing session with your partner sometime during the week
    • recommend that this is a time that both of you can make for the entire month
  3. Take turns deciding on what task to work on. This should alternate week by week (week 1, work on person A task, week 2, work on person B task)


  1. Go to an available pairing (Private) voice channels at the time of the pairing
  2. Use the Driver and Navigator pairing method - initial driver should be the person that was assigned the task
  3. Use Vscode Lifeshare to do pairing.
    • NOTE: because vscode liveshare doesn't share any launched windows, the driver should also stream their screen in the voice channel
  4. After ~30min (or when the moment seems right), switch driver and navigator
  • NOTE: pairing session is just an hour but feel free to continue if both individuals feel up to it

After Pairing

  1. Discuss what went well and what could be improved from today's session
  2. If there are followup items, add them to your backlog (eg. updating Docs (Private)), be sure to update them in your daily journal



Driver and Navigator

These classic pair programming role definitions can be applied in some way or other to many of the approaches to pairing. The Driver is the person at the wheel, i.e. the keyboard. She is focussed on completing the tiny goal at hand, ignoring larger issues for the moment. A driver should always talk through what she is doing while doing it. The Navigator is in the observer position, while the driver is typing. She reviews the code on-the-go, gives directions and shares thoughts. The navigator also has an eye on the larger issues, bugs, and makes notes of potential next steps or obstacles.

  1. Organizing