One on One


One on one's are a chance to reflect on what's been done, go over blockers, and plan for the future. It is also a chance to talk about career goals and growth plans at Dendron.

The cadence for one on one's will depend on the individual and circumstance - in general, we'll do this 1x per week for the first month and then at a relaxed cadence afterwards.


  1. See Prerequisites



  1. Two days prior to the one on one, create a meeting doc 1 with the one on one template 2
  2. Leave any feedback for the week in the doc
  3. Notify your direct report about the doc updates and remind them to fill out details

Direct Report

  1. One day prior to the one on one, fill out the meeting doc 2 with as much as possible


  1. Before the meeting, both parties should do one pass of comments over the gdoc
  2. If there are any action items, both parties should copy the respective items back into their daily journal and prioritize accordingly



  1. One on One Google Doc: this is a user.$ google doc that can only be accessed between the manager and their direct report˄

  2. One on One Template˄