Early Seed Release


How we handle Dendron's early seed releases


These are pre-release versions of Dendron extensions made available to Environmentalist (Private).

  • Release cadence: Every Other Tuesday (PST)



Before the release

  • when:

    • verification of early seed should be done by 6AM UTC Friday

  1. Notify 5 @DendronTeam in the thread created the day before to remind the team that the release branch has been snapped and all changes merged to master after that point of time should not be added to this week's Ready to Ship unless they need to be cherry-picked into this week's release.
  2. Make sure the weekly journal (weekly.journal.*) for next week is created so that team members can easily add items that didn't make the release cut-off point.
  3. Go to Create Release Image (Private) github actions and view the latest pipeline run. The early seed image should be built off a branch prefixed with early-seed/*. See Pipelines for General Release (Private) for more info.
  4. Check that features in Ready to Ship are accurate.
    • copy the commit id of what was pushed in the latest pipeline run, see here for screenshot
    • look at commit history of dendronhq to match last merge changes
    • make sure this is accurate with the latest contents of Ready to Ship
      • if not, create a new Weekly Journal (Team)
      • to create a journal, follow same instructions as individual weekly journal but do it for the team weekly journal
      • copy over any of next week items to this journal
      • Everything going in the early seed should be entered under the <!-- Early Seed: --> sections of each category
  5. Install the .vsix file locally and do a sanity check in test-workspace
    • make sure early seed features from Ready to Ship don't have any obvious bugs
    • See here for how to install .vsix manually
    • If a bug is detected, ping @DendronTeam and relevant parties to get it fixed
  6. If everything works, add to the release note thread of the week with the url of the vsix


Day before

  • The evening before, create a new Discord thread in #dendron-team with the title early-seed yyyy-mm-dd
    • Template: Discord Thread Start
    • This is done to give the teams a heads up to get docs in, remaining updates to the Ready to Ship section, etc. ahead of time

Day of

  1. Make sure Early Seed Changelog (Private) is updated by following the process here. This should be submitted as a PR to dendron-site.
  1. When the PR is approved, merge into dev
  2. Merge dev into master in dendron-site
    git checkout dev
    git pull
    git checkout master
    git pull
    git merge dev
    git push
  3. Check that the changes have made it to the main page
  4. Use the Discord Announce template to write the announcement message
    • You can see an example of a past announcement here
    • see the sop on release highlights 4 for release format
  5. Announce the release in the environmentalist (Private) channel.


Code Checklist

  • test early seed build
  • if any issues detected, check in changes into the release/* branch directly

Docs Checklist


Good Release

Tests run on early seed, we're ready to ship šŸŒ±


Updating early seed build

If you need to update the early seed build with changes that were pushed after the Early Seed Release, follow instructions below:

Update contents of the release image (Private)


Release Schedule

Refer to the Dendron Release Google Calendar for times of Notable events such as Branch Snaps, Target Release Times.


  1. Discord Thread Cutoff ReminderĖ„

  2. Release HighlightsĖ„